Simple Road travel tips you don’t Know

During festive periods like Christmas and Eid-el-Kabir, at least 30% of the Nigerian population (mostly the Igbo ethnic group) tend to travel from Lagos to their hometown to spend the celebrate with their extended family and enjoy the festivities.

But most of these people do not know how to prepare for this journey. They only know it’s going to be a long and hectic trip, to these travelers, they are pre-planned to have an uncomfortable and stressful journey as they conform themselves to a vehicle while traveling for long hour journeys.

What would you do if I told you there are ways that you can make that road trip comfortable, safe and memorable?

Road travel might be stressful for you because you haven’t taken proper measures to make it as comfortable as possible.

In this article, I’ll be giving you 6 simple road travel tips that you should know. These tips would help you before you embark on any trip or journey which will take long periods of time.

  1. Travel Early

When traveling long distance distances like Lagos to Abuja, Benin to Kaduna or from one major city to another is advisable that you wake up as early as 4 a.m. and get live for the road on or before 6 a.m.

This gives you an upper hand over traffic conjunctions which can be a major setback to your journey. Traveling early ensures that you avoid both major and minor traffic jams which can obstruct or possibly stop the journey.

Traffic gridlock doesn’t only spoil the trip, it makes you take bad decision or risks such as overtaking a big vehicle such as trailers, tankers which is dangerous. This is why you must plan your travel on time to ensure that you get a fast and safe trip to your destination.

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  1. Keep the vehicle as clean as possible

This is one of the simplest travel tips which you should also know. If you’re going to be in that vehicle for more than 5 hours and if the car is dirty, that trip is going to be very uncomfortable and dangerous (switching gear blindly).

So, you should keep the car as neat as you possibly can. All unneeded materials/items should be moved to the boot/trunk, all distractions in the car should be dealt with and ensure a free flow of air and proper ventilation.

  1. Take a Timeout

When you are embarking on a long trip it is advisable you take a break every 3 hours. These breaks ensure that you replenish your strength and it enables you to stay focused on the road. While taking a timeout and breaks while driving, you can do some exercises.

This will help to make you stretch your body, release the tension in your nerves and rest your eyes and hands. You can take a quick stop in petrol filling stations, restaurants, service lanes and recreational centers.

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  1. Prep your car

Also, ensure that your car is in the best working condition. Check your car brakes, headlamps, windscreen conditions, spare parts and equipment, documents etc make sure that they are all in order. Also, you should run a quick car maintenance check and go to the mechanic for quick service. So, your car doesn’t give you an embarrassing breakdown on the way.

  1. Prep yourself

Make sure you have everything in order, pack extra clothes, your meals, and provision, extra cash etc. Everything should be ready for the worst case scenario.

Once you’ve done all 5 of these, you are all set for a simple and comfortable road trip which will get you to your destination smoothly.

Over To You

Fianlly, now that you have read on the simple road travel tips which you have no knowledge about, you are expected to follow the guidelines written in this article and practice them. Implementation of safety and road travel tips guarantees you a favorable travel experience.