Self Driving Car: Is African Ready Yet?

Technology is taking a drastic turn and it’s evolving every day with genius ideas being brought into play. Imagine face-timing or chatting with your loved ones while your car takes control of the road making you worry less about the accident.

The companies responsible for bringing this technology into play have promised reduced traffic, reduced traffic jam and a whole lot more.

However, the big questions on everyone’s lips are how will this technology be accepted in Africa, also will it be worth it concerning the road network in Africa, among others on the list is the fear of rising in Unemployment in Africa. Although there is a long list of benefits of this autonomous cars as It is already been used In first World Nations like The United States of America especially in Silicon Valley, California, but these benefits will not be applicable to Africa probably in the next 25 to 30 years. So the big question on the lips is of people “Is Africa ready for self-driving cars ?”

Self Driving Car


Autonomous cars in Africa is really not looking promising, if we take into consideration the Electricity instability in Africa and also a fluctuating Economy, this will lead to a very disastrous outcome.

Below are reasons why self-driving cars are a bad option for Africa:


The costs of infrastructure to maintain and support these vehicles are extremely high, the reason being that these cars require a technology that is highly advanced in order to maneuver themselves on the roads and these requires the use of dedicated specialized sensors, mapping systems, and data storage all of which come at a cost. The costs of these cars cannot be affordable even by the middle-class because the cost of owning a self-driving car is approximately $230,000.It will take years for this to be fully established in Africa

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The human skill requirement will gradually depreciate when it comes to driving a car because there will be no need for a steering wheel, brake pedal or an accelerator. This will pose a big threat especially for those who rely on a car as a means of income or livelihood. An estimate of 43.65%of Africans will lose their jobs if these cars are introduced, and as Africa already has a high unemployment rate this will cause a downfall in the economy and also a major crisis among citizens.


Unlike most developed countries, countries in Africa falls either in “under-developed or developing countries”, and as an under-developed country most of its road network is really bad and this can confuse the autonomous vehicles as they need a visual-recognition software in order to navigate the roads. Also, they need a well-updated Traffic light that can communicate with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the self-driving cars. With the present economy and the level at which Africa has developed, it is highly impossible for self-driving cars to navigate roads in Africa because if we take a closer look to the road network in Africa they are very bad that even when manned the possibility of an accident is still high. Pot-holes and the type of road construction will confuse these Self-driving cars which will result in an accident or worse.

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To wrap it up Africa needs to proffer a suitable solution to the above-outlined problems in order to evolve when it comes to autonomous vehicles. It could take decades before it can fully be achieved but it is better for Africa to take out time to find an alternative to resolve the issue of unemployment amongst other factors in case it finally gets the capability to run autonomous vehicles without any detriments to both its economy and citizens.