Most economical cars to buy in 2019

It is important for vehicle owners to place consideration on the petrol, diesel or fuel economy of their car. A decent economic car should be able to preserve and keep the petrol and diesel of the car to a very large extent.

The fact remains that a modern diesel engine tank is perfect for long distance journeys and it would make a perfect sense since it has the capacity to cover a lot of miles and still economize and preserve the diesel economy of the vehicle.

One of the major factors to consider when choosing a new car is to consider the car’s economy figures (which should tell you how far the vehicle can cover on a gallon of diesel or petrol).In no particular order, we present to you the top economical cars to buy in 2019.

Most economical cars to buy in 2019

Toyota Prius Hatchback

Whenever you think of a hybrid car, the first thought that could possibly pop into your head would be the Toyota Prius. This is because the Toyota Prius is the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car which comes with a large boot.

Popular automobile company, Toyota claims that 94.1mpg is possible with this car which has CO2 emissions of just 70g/km.

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid: 85.6mpg

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is an ideal car which offers an impressive outlook of real-world driving conditions. As quoted by Toyota, the Yaris Hybrid offers an excellent 85.6mpg on a combined cycle and it also makes use of the World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

Volkswagen Polo Hatchback

The latest Volkswagen Polo car is a car far above class. The top-notch car is packed with some good features which distinguish it from other cars. The 1.6-liter diesel is very frugal for its owners as it helps them to stay economical in their use of diesel.

Also, the maximum speed of the Volkswagen Polo hatchback is maximum speed is 109mph; it offers an impressive unit of 76mpg and its CO2 emissions which is placed at 97g/km is very low.

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Ford Fiesta Hatchback

The Ford Fiesta car is an ideal vehicle not for every Ford car enthusiast, but to every other person whose eyes are constantly fixed on the bills. It’s 84bhp 1.5-liter diesel is able to retain a fuel economy volume of 88.3mpg.

It is not just the diesel or fuel economy that makes the car economical, rather, the 1.0-liter EcoBoost petrol engine costs less than £1,000 to buy in the auto market. This car is one of the most entertaining cars to ride, the current model is an upgraded version of the previous one.

Peugeot 308 1.5 BlueHDi: 80.7mpg

Last year, Peugeot introduced a new Euro 6.2 1.5-liter diesel engine as a replacement to the old Euro 6 1.6-liter unit in the 308 hatchbacks. The current version promises to deliver up to 80.7mpg when it is riding on 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels.

Mercedes-Benz A 180d: 80.7mpg

The Mercedes-Benz A 180d: 80.7mpg is an improved A-Class vehicle. The newly launched car is the best option for the company and car drivers who are hoping to increase the fuel economy of their vehicles. When mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, the entry-level SE could deliver as much as 80.7mpg, with CO2 emissions of 89g/km.

New Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBlue: 80.7mpg

The Ford Motor Company promises more space, luxury, and comfort for its newly made cars. The newly released New Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBlue: 80.7mpg was launched into the automobile market in September 2018. An all-new Ford Focus was dispatched for sale in August while the first deliveries expected in September. Hypermilers would enjoy this vehicle because of the 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel engine.

BMW 3 Series saloon (2011-2018)

The BMW 3 Series saloon (2011-2018) is a compactable executive saloon car which has fantastic fuel economy levels.  As claimed by BMW, this car is able to go up to 67.3mpg and car drivers will not be disappointed by its 190bhp power output or with its 0-62mph time of 7.5 seconds.


The Audi A4 Ultra is completely frugal, classy, and comfortable for all car drivers. Some of the great features of this vehicle include the Audi’s “Virtual Cockpit” display, Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto. The Audi’s Virtual Cockpit display comes with a form of digital display which replaces the gauge cluster and puts more information within the sight of the driver. This car has a market price of $36,000 and it retains a mile per gallon of 31 mpg.

Chevrolet Colorado Duramax

The Chevrolet Colorado Duramax is a mid-sized pickup truck which comes with a great fuel economy. Having been tipped by auto experts as the best truck with a great fuel mileage; this car offers two gasoline options. The great news for tech-savvy is that it has an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to connect to the internet. The Chevrolet Colorado Duramax is worth $36,000.