List of Best Online Websites To Buy New & Used Cars

Making a decision about where to buy your car may be one of the trickiest choices which you have ever made as a car owner. The new wave of internet technology has made it easier for people to purchase any car and vehicle online and have it sent to them at their front door.

If you are in need of the best online websites to shop for cars, this article would give you a concise list of the top websites for buying used or new cars on the internet. is a leading car marketplace in Nigeria. Currently, the company has extended its branches to other African countries such as Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda.

Although they do not sell cars directly to sellers, instead, they facilitated a platform which serves as a community for car dealers and car buyers to meet and negotiate over the purchase and sale of vehicles.

Having noticed the high rate of online scams, cheki introduced a flexible way of communication in which the buyer calls the seller and they negotiate rather than texting and chatting through email.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is quite new but is it fast growing as one of the most popular ways of buying and selling vehicles. All you need to get started in the Facebook marketplace is to have a Facebook account. If you do not have an existing Facebook account, you can create a new account.

The advantage of doing business in the Facebook Marketplace is you get to list your properties for sale for free. Another advantage is that potential and prospective buyers get to send you a message which appears in your Facebook inbox and you can review the timeline or profile of the buyer.

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Autotrader is one of the commonest online websites to buy and sell your car. Prospective car buyers can filter and narrow down their search for vehicles to tags such as automatic doors, heated seats, fuel economy, car interior, and exterior.

Autotrader makes it easy to search for vehicles based on your requirements and specifications which you make in the search box. The downside of this online car trading platform is that it is not free for car dealers.

Every car seller on the Autotrader website has to make a small payment (fee) before he or she can trade his vehicles. Apart from that, the website has an easy to use interface which buyers love to get associated with. is one of the best websites for individuals, corporations, and companies to buy their car online. Their simple and easy-to-use interface makes it possible for people to search for any vehicle which matches their needs and specifications.

This platform made it easy for car dealers and car buyers to contact themselves online and negotiate over a vehicle.

eBay Motors

eBay is a veteran when it comes to buying cars and vehicles online. On their car website category which is at, you get access to view the buyer protection and the rating review of the seller. eBay gives you the chance to make a nationwide and local search for vehicles.


Although this website is not one of the best online car buying websites but still, it remains an ideal website to search for used vehicles. You can make use of Craiglist to search for vehicles and filter the results around your pricing and location.

The only downside faced by car buyers is that you would have to transact and deal with a private seller. You are advised to always protect yourself and your cash by inspecting the car before making payment, else, you might fall for a scam.

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Lastly, Vroom is one of the best online trading platforms to get your vehicles. Vroom is loved by lots of car manufacturers because it escapes limitations and restrictions placed on the transaction and trade of used cars.

Once you buy a car from Vroom, they would handle the paperwork and you get your car delivered to your location in 48 hours (the time duration could change depending on the area or location where you reside).

Now that you have known the top online car buying sites to purchase your dream cars, you can choose any of the websites listed here to check for their latest offers. If you have been able to purchase a car on the internet, free to share your experience in the comments section of this post.