Low Income Earners Should Know These Before Buying A Car

The very first thing to do before you buy a car is to reason if you really need a car at that period and ask yourself if you really can afford it with your present level of income. Remember, getting money to buy the car isn’t enough, think about other factors such as car registration, fueling, and maintenance expenses. Think about all these before you can finally decide to buy a car.

1.Cultivate money saving habit

You should try and save money for a period of time towards purchasing the car you can afford. At this point, you really need to exercise patience and commit to spending discipline.

2. Make a Budget

It is mandatory to know how much you are willing to spend on the purchase of your vehicle and draft a budget for it. It’s also important for you as a first-time buyer to find out what the regular market prices for vehicles are, in order to prepare you for a good negotiation.

  1. Find out about different brands

As a low-income earner, you definitely can not buy a brand new car, so It is very necessary for you to make inquiries about cars that have goof second-hand values, Some cars have while some don’t have. It is of utmost importance for you to search for reviews on the second-hand value of different cars to decide which brand would be best for you. Some cars are very rugged and have a life span which makes them very good for Nigerian roads brands like Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and Peugeot. Inquire about the vehicle mileage

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What is mileage? It is the number of miles traveled by a vehicle on a certain volume of fuel.

The mileage of a car says a lot about it. This is because it shows the level of use and lifespan of the vehicle. It exposes whether the car still has second-hand value or not, therefore, It is advised that first-time buyer of used bringing should avoid vehicles with a mileage of more than 160,000.

  1. Need for a co-signer: When you cannot afford a car with your low income and you need a loan to buy the car, you will be needing an individual to act as a guarantor for the loan. The guarantor, therefore, will be held responsible if you default your payment. Meanwhile, you may not need a guarantor if you have something to use collateral, but in case you don’t have, you get a guarantor.

5.Negotiate and make payment:

When you have been able to gather money enough to buy a car, check If the car looks good, enough to your taste. Then it’s time to talk about price, as a first-time buyer it is essential you go with an experienced person When negotiating a purchase to assist so that you will not be duped.

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In Conclusion

Do not be carried away by the brainwashing of the salesman, act like it is not your first time buying a car, bring all your negotiation skills to the table and cut the most favorable deal for yourself. Never you pay above the regular market price for any vehicle. Now it is time to pay, at this stage, you have to be extremely careful and vigilant. It is better than you make all transactions through the bank to avoid been scammed.

Check that the car has the following features:

✖Antilock brake system (ABS)

✖Electronic stability control (ESC)✖Head-protecting side airbags:

✖Backup camera

Hidden Features You Don’t Know About Your Car

Buying and owning a car is not enough, you as a car owner is expected to know the special feature(s) that the manufacturer has hidden from you. Below are a few of the hidden features you don’t know about your car.


Although this particular feature does not come in EVERY car most of the cars do have this as an option. Check the areas around your steering wheel for your cruise control buttons. Cruise control stabilizes your car on one speed so that those cars coming behind you don’t have to speed up and slow down when your foot cannot keep the gas pedal in the same place for a duration of more than two seconds.


This very feature comes in every car but the question is does every car user know how to use it. Poor use of the brakes is due to either misinformation or. The proper way to use your breaks is a slow and steady stop.

While you may think that you are supposed to places your feet on the break as suddenly as possible and check how sharp your break is when a car is directly in front of you. This this is not the correct method for break usage. Don’t suddenly take a break, it may affect you someday as cars have their ways of disappointing the user.

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Have you ever wondered how long it’s gonna take for the traffic light to let you GO?  Audi’s got a solution for you. But this special feature doesn’t sound like the best idea. If you know how long you have until the light turns green, you might get carried away by something that’s not worth it especially with your phone. Either way, Audi’s Traffic Light Information technology is a thing and it is going to be offered in selected cities.


This hidden feature isn’t new, it has been offered for decades. Foot massagers qualify as an eccentric automotive innovation. This special feature can only be seen in the long-wheelbase Audi A8, which is basically an understated limo for low-profile captains of industry. As part of its back seat comfort package, Audi calls this a “rear relaxation seat with power footrest”, both of which are also heated. Note that only one relaxation seat is offered per vehicle, so couples’ messages are not possible for now.


Many manufacturers such Volkswagen and Skoda have introduced the side parking light in some of their models. In case you happen to park your car on a dark road and want to make it visible, just activate your parking lights. Activate them by turning the relevant indicator on, switching your car off as usual and then locking your car. With these, the light will be on one side of the car making it visible for other road users to see.

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To know more about hidden features your car has, make sure you carry out systematic research on the car and you would be able to know all that it has.

How To Be A Profitable Car Dealer In 2019

Ever since the emergence of a machine for transportation such as cars, buses, lorries, vans, trucks and other types of vehicles, some people have taken it as a business for themselves for them to sell, trade and deal in cars and other automobiles. The reason is that dealing is cars is a business that is in demand. A lot of cars are manufactured in countries such as Japan and China and are shipped to countries such as Nigeria, the United States and Canada where it is in high demand.

Irrespective of your country, you can trade in cars and still make the profit for yourself. Travel by road is the easiest, cheapest and accessible way of transportation, unlike air and water, cars are commonly used in the world as a way of moving people and goods from one place to another. Hundreds of cars are bought on a daily basis all over the world, which means that cars are in high demand in every country. Most individuals own more than 2 cars, some families own more than 3 cars in their household. Major cities in Nigeria such as Kano, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Lagos, Awka, Abuja, Kaduna, Abakaliki, Benin City, Uyo, Enugu etc needs cars and vehicles for movement of people and goods from one point to another destination.

In Nigeria, a car dealer business is highly profitable because of the range number of chances and opportunities which awaits you when you deal in cars. Although the business is competitive, which is a normal feature and quality that makes the business to thrive. A Car dealing business in Nigeria involves buying cars from countries where they are produced and manufactured and shipped into Nigeria to be sold at a higher rate. As a car dealer, you can import and ship cars directly from overseas and sold here in Nigeria to make a profit. You can buy from any source, marketer, company or reseller of your choice.

How To Start A Profitable Car Business For Yourself

  1. Know Your Opportunities

Just as I mentioned in the earlier in this post, there are so many opportunities that await you when you become a car dealer. Before jumping into the business, you must know these opportunities and get yourself acquainted to them. If you are going to be dealing on tires, you should stick to it, if you are going to trade on windscreens, then stick to it.

  1. Focus On One Trade

For you to make a profit from car dealing business, you may need to stick to a particular field, niche or trade. If you are selling cars, we advise that you stick as a dealer of one brand that having the models of various types of cars in your garage, store or shop. Some car traders have a different type of cars such as Range Rover, Infinity, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Toyota Corolla car brands in their shop. If you are this type of trader, you may succeed and get customers but not as high as a car dealer who specializes with one brand such as a trader who deals and trades strictly in Toyota products. However, please note that this may not work for everybody, we advise that you understand your market and the type of customers before you implement on the type of trade you want to start up.

  1. Have A Good Customer Service

As you know, Car dealing is a competitive business. If you fail to attend and treat your customers well, you may lose such customer to another seller or car dealer. Ensure that you can be reached through any means, either by mail, by live chat on your company website or through a telephone call. Be ready to listen to your customers. You can higher one or two people in your garage to improve the service. Never nag, insult or give your customers abusive names, treat them with respect because any customer who is treated well will like to buy from your garage or invite a friend or companion of his to buy from you.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Ensure that your customer is satisfied with every product which you give to him or her. There are ethics in business, at times, if you notice that the customer is not satisfied with the cars which you sold to him/her, you can tell such customer to bring the car back to your garage or store to be checked or examined by your staff or mechanics. If it has a little fault, you can offer to do it for free or for a little cost which will be convenient for the customers, that way, you will make sure that your customers are satisfied with the products which you give to them.

  1. Advertise Your Business

Before going into the business, you should advertise and publicity for the business. If you are an established car businessman and you haven’t advertised your business, unknowingly to you, you are losing potential customers and cash which would have been yours. Although the cost of advertising is high, that should discourage or deter you from advertising your business and the services you render. If you can’t maintain the cost of going for a street publicity rally, or creating advertising campaigns on twitter, facebook or google, you can advertise in your own little way, by making posters, advertising on your company website, advertising on your social media handles, creating branded t-shirts and telling people about it. You can’t undermine the power of advertising when it comes to making a profit from a car business.

Other Tips To Make Profit From Car Dealing Business

  • Make sure that you are trusted and reliable.
  • Always be punctual to work
  • Ensure that you are honest with your customers. If a particular product isn’t original, you should tell your clients and customers, don’t deceive them and sell such product to them in the name of the original product.
  • Have a budget and run an account which you use to record your business transactions
  • Have a spacious garage and shop
  • Provide warranties on the cars which you sell
  • Become an Authenticated Car dealer by applying and paying for the car dealership license

How To Secure Your Vehicle From Theft

Every car owner is expected to be vigilant and watchful of his vehicle because it can be stolen by thieves and robbers.

A lot of car owners are careless with their vehicles, some car owners forget to lock their cars at an open and public location, and most times, vehicles are parked at locations that make them exposed to thieves.

In 2017, a survey was conducted on it was revealed that the percentage of car thefts in the UK has risen to 30% as 85,000 car thefts took place in that year.

It is estimated that 4 billion cars are being stolen by thieves in the United States alone, only 15% of those cars stolen are recovered. New methods and ways are being planned and made by thieves and robbers every day to steal targetted vehicles.

Right now, it doesn’t count if you drive an outdated car or an old one; If you don’t know how to protect your car from the sight of thieves, you are indirectly inviting robbers to come for your car.

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12 Ways To Secure Your Vehicle From Theft

  1. Ensure that your cars are packed close to your apartment or place of work. That will make you keep an eye on the car and also give you the advantage of getting hold of anybody who attempts to steal your car in a short space of time.
  2. Avoid leaving valuable documents in your vehicle. Valuable items such as pieces of jewelry, money and important documents can be the main target of thieves. Your vehicle may not be the target of the robber; If you are found of keeping valuables in your car, you can hide the valuables in a place that will not be seen by passersby.
  3. Get a car alarm for your vehicle. Thieves love it when their activities are carried out smoothly without notice. If you install a car alarm in your vehicle, it will bring fear upon the hearts of any robber that attempts to steal your vehicle whenever the alarm sounds and cause attraction.
  4. We recommend that you get a steel lock for your vehicle. The steel lock prevents your car from being driven by thieves.
  5. It is advisable that you get a brake lock if you want to prevent any thief from suppressing your brakes.
  6. Be mindful of where you park your cars. Before parking your car in any place, we advise that you look around the area and the surroundings. This can give you a clue if the area is a quiet one, a busy one or a rough one.
  7. Car trackers is a device that uses a GPS technology to trace and recover your car whenever it is stolen. Tracking devices help in vehicle recovery because a lot of tracking companies can disable a car if they discover that the car has been stolen.
  8. Ensure that your windscreen is not cracked or broken. If they are, the vehicle can be easily stolen by thieves.
  9. Make sure that your car keys are not kept in places that will be seen or accessed by strangers.
  10. It is advisable that you keep your vehicles locked at all times, even when you are driving. Most vehicles are being stolen by thieves who pretend and disguise to be hawkers or beggars on the roads.
  11. Be vigilant whenever you are driving in the dark hours of the night. Be cautious and don’t offer to give strangers a lift. You should visit the nearest police station if you noticed that a certain car is following you at every route you take.
  12. Lastly, we advise that you employ car safety tips like keeping your side mirrors on a check when driving.

15 Safety Tips For Highway Users, Drivers, Passengers And Pedestrians

If you are a driver, highway user, pedestrian or passenger, these tips will help you be on a safe track. This article tells you 15 tips that will help your safety. Safety is the first thing whether you are a highway user or driver.

1) Be On Alert

Pay attention to your movement and the movement of drivers that are around. Whether you are a driver, pedestrian or passenger etc you have to be at an alert.

2) Avoid assumptions that are wrong

It is wrong to assume that a driver or pedestrian etc will do one particular thing. Do not assume this since you don’t have enough evidence.

3) Utilize signals for turning

In as much as you don’t depend on signals, you can influence the expectations through the action you take. Utilize signals whether you are turning or changing lane.

4) Wear your seatbelt

Whether you are a driver or passenger put on your seat belt. This is a safety tip and a precaution.

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5) Observe yellow lights

Take note that yellow lights tell drivers to lower their speed and get ready to stop. Rushing is not applicable and always use yellow lights.

6) Use signals of traffic

Pay attention in a close manner and follow the traffic signs and light.

7) Note stop zones

Pedestrians, passengers and drivers should note stop zones. Highway users too should take care of this and it is one of the safety precautions.

8) Avoid texting and driving at the same time

Passengers may do this but pedestrians, highway users and drivers should avoid texting messages.

9) Utilize speed limits

Use the speed limits and avoid excessive speed. Speed limits help for both the safety of the driver, pedestrian and others.

10) Adjust for weather

If the weather is snowy, foggy or rainy utilize certain precautions and adjust for the weather.

11) Avoid too much alcohol and drugs

High alcoholic content and drugs have some bad effects on the road user. Avoid this as a safety tip.

12) Use your headlights

Headlights are not just for the night but also for the fog or rain. Use your headlights when necessary.

13) Maintain your vehicle

Keep the vehicle in order and do some routine maintenance for your vehicle. Do not operate a vehicle if it is not in order.

14) Avoid distractions

When moving on the road whether a pedestrian or driver, highway user etc avoid distractions.

15) Take extra precautions for crossings and roundabouts

Roundabouts, road intersections, and cross lanes all require some extra precaution whether you are pedestrian, driver etc.


Moving along the road involves some precautions and safety tips whether you are a pedestrian, highway user or driver etc. This article tells you 15 safety tips to observe. You can comment on your questions.


How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Distance Journeys

A trip of a minimum time of 8 hours can prove to be a serious test for your car. Nothing could be even worse on the highway than to have your car break down on the road when you have more miles to cover for you to reach your destination. When making vacations or planning to go on a trip with your vehicle, certain checks and preparations have to be made to ensure that the vehicle is in perfect shape for the trip.

In this article, you will learn how to prepare your vehicle for long distance journeys. Read on.


  1. Keep a check on the brakes of the car. If you hear harsh grinding sounds, the meaning of such message is that the brake pads are worn out and should be replaced.
  2. Make sure that fluids such as brake fluid, engine oil, and antifreeze are topped up before hitting the road. The engine oil should be the first place that should be checked. A lot of cars are running on the roads with low engine oil. You should change the engine oil if you notice that it appears too black. Also, if you notice that the car drains and consumes a large amount of oil more than what it consumes, you should consider taking some spare engine oil with you on your trip.
  3. Before embarking on any long distance trip, ensure that your car tyres are in a good condition. The recommended pressure is found in the car manufacturer’s manual. You can detect an indication that your car tyres are not balanced when you feel a vibration whenever you are driving at a high speed. It is recommended that you take spare tyres along with you on your trip in case you have a punctured tyre while driving on the highway.
  4. Make sure that your lights are checked before embarking on your trip. Even if you are traveling by day, it is important that your light bulbs are working In case you get to your destination by night.
  5. You can consider changing the air filter of your car before embarking on any journey that will take long hours to get to your destination. If you are not a professional or if you don’t have experience in changing the air filters of a vehicle, we recommend that you use your car manual or you consult a mechanic or a person who is knowledgeable in that field.
  6. Replace the wipers of the car if you discover that the wipers don’t clean the windshield the way it should.
  7. The fact that your car battery has been serving you for a long time doesn’t mean that it will also carry you through a trip that can take a duration of more than eight hours. There is no way to detect when a battery will die or stop working because it can stop at any time. However, the expected lifespan of a new battery starts for 3 years; it is expected that they should last for a period of 6 years. You should consider changing the battery of your car if you notice any cracks, acid leaks or damages.
  8. Take along the spare keys of your car and the manual in case of any glitches or events which may arise in the course of the journey.
  9. We recommend that you check your car engine before embarking on your trip. You may be in a serious situation on the road if your car engine knocks down because you may get robbed or stay stranded on the road. Fix your engine problems before you go on your trip.
  10. Lastly, we recommend that you have your car scrutinized and examined by mechanics and engineers at any good car garage around you.

10 Cheapest 2018 Cars With Great Features

Some cars are cheaper than others and this article discusses the 10 cheapest cars for 2018. If you intend to buy the cheapest cars with optimal performance then this article is for you. These cars are budget cars and they are here below:

1) Ford Fiesta

10 Cheapest 2018 Cars With Great Features

Price: $13,660

This is the cheapest car and it features seating that is comfortable. The seats can contain up to 5 people and a storage space of 12.8 cubic feet. It has a functional engine of 120 horsepower and gives you a fun ride.

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You can receive and send messages without removing your hands from the steering.

2) Nissan Versa SPlus


Price: $14,130

This is another cheap car and it comes with an efficient fuel economy. There are cargo space and seats for family use but this vehicle offers small entertainment features.

3) Hyundai Accent SESedan

Price: $14,745

Even though the Hyundai Accent Sedan is among the cheapest cars and vehicles, it does not have some convenient features. It does not offer some entertainment and has an inefficient fuel economy. The average use of it is 26 mpg for the city and 36mpg for the highways.

However, it comes with a 100000 mile and a 10-year warranty service.

4) Mitsubishi Mirage G4ES

10 Cheapest 2018 Cars With Great Features

Price: $15,595

This is another cheap car and it has a rear camera, USB ports and also Bluetooth. 5 people can sit there and there is an efficient tank space for it. This offers you a decent warranty of up to 100000 miles and 10 years.

5) Fiat 500 Pop

10 Cheapest 2018 Cars With Great Features

Price: $15,985

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The Flat 500 Pop is a sporty vehicle and is among the cheapest cars. Its design is different from the rest and is normally sits on a lower wheelbase. All of the models of 500 possess full-color touchscreen, 5 inches, hands-free calling, and media hub.

6) Smart Pure Coupe

10 Cheapest 2018 Cars With Great Features

Price: $15,990

This vehicle is among the cheapest and it is very small with an 89 horsepower. The engine is weak and is not efficient if you intend long highway travels. Also, the size of the vehicle is too small for your cargoes and back seat. Nevertheless, it still has some fuel efficiency and can fit in for congested places.

7) Kia Rio

10 Cheapest 2018 Cars With Great Features

Price: $16,100

This vehicle is preferable if you want a budget performance car and it possesses an efficient turn radius. It means you can turn faster than others and is suitable for traffic.

Other features include a rearview camera and audio system. The Kia Rio is among the cheapest and is below the rest in fuel economy.

8) Toyota Yaris LE

10 Cheapest 2018 Cars With Great Features

Price: $17,285

Toyota vehicles have quality and Yaris is one of them. There is a combination of style and features with the Yaris LE. The vehicle is a 3 door system and has some navigation system and radio.

9) Chevrolet Sonic LS

10 Cheapest 2018 Cars With Great Features

Price: $17,370

This is among the cheapest and it is compatible with the up-to-date technology. The Chevrolet Sonic SL is able to connect to Android Auto and Apple Carplay. It also has a camera and USB ports.

10) Mazda3 Sport (4door)

Price: $19,145

Mazda 3 (4 doors) has an engine and this is powerful. It has an engine of155 horsepower and is also fuel efficient. There are many features like a pollen filter, air conditioner, Bluetooth, push button start and the rest. Its ride is steady and secure.


These are the cheapest cars of 2018 and some of them are also fuel efficient. You Can Also Check out our article on the Cheapest Places To Buy Cars In Nigeria. Their prices are in this article and you can also comment on your questions and make suggestions on the comment box of this blog.




10 Reasons Why You Should Not Take Your Car Tyre Alignment For Granted, Otherwise

Proper car tyre alignment is one of the measures for maintaining your car and this enhances car safety. The car tyre alignment of your car is not something to neglect and this article tells you 10 reasons why you should not take your tyre alignment for granted.

Bad car tyre alignment have some signs and you can notice when your car moves to a particular side.

Signs Of Bad Tyre Alignment

The following are the symptoms of bad car tyre alignment and they are:

a) Looseness of steering and irregular tyre wears

  1. b) Steering wheel goes off the centre and cracking or vibration.

The above signs show bad tyre alignment and the tyre should be properly aligned.

10 Reasons Why Car Tyre Alignment Is Important

1) Smoother driving

Proper tyre alignment promotes car performance and keeps the vehicle from pulling to a particular side. There is an enhancement and this is when they are parallel to each other. Bad tyre alignment reduces the efficiency of your car and should be prevented.

2) Better fuel economy

The cost of fuel is still high in Nigeria and many owners want to save some bucks and obtain better gas mileage. Align your tyres properly to save money on fuel and gas. This minimizes the resistance from rolling and reduces burning excessive fuel.

3) Reduction of wears

Bad tyre alignment causes wearing and makes the suspension system and steering hit a road bump. Some parts of the system get a harder hit and this happens when the wheels are not together. This can cause wear in an uneven and premature manner. Avoid repairs that are expensive by performing the maintenance on schedule. This also cause wears on the parts and reduce undue cost.

4) Increase tyre life

Bad tyre alignment reduce the lifespan of your tyres and can be prevented. Proper alignment cars to last and enhances driving.

5) Reduce mechanical damages

Effective tyre alignment prevents certain unnecessary damage and maintains the car. This will reduce the cost of mechanical repairs while promoting car efficiency.

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6) Eliminate vibration

Certain vibration comes from improper tyre alignment and this prevents uniform movement. Tyre alignment helps to keep tyres and wheels straight. Irregular vibrations can cause other damages and decrease efficiency.

7) Safer driving

Improper car alignment is a risk and a breach of safety. Safety is the primary thing to consider when driving and bad car tyre alignment should be prevented.

8) Enhance steering

Bad tyre alignment cause shaking of the steering or it can make them vibrate. This makes the steering inefficient and reduces optimal driving experience. When your steering shakes irregularly or inconveniently, it needs proper tyre alignment.

9) Reduce bad effects of rough roads

Rough roads with potholes have some bad effects on tyres and vehicle performance. This is worse with bad tyre alignment.

10) Prevents vehicle drifts towards the right or left

Proper tyre alignment keeps the vehicle in form and prevents it from drifting unnecessarily to the left or right.


Efficient alignment of tyres is not something to neglect or take for granted. This article tells you why you should not take it for granted. You can comment on your questions.

Signs Your Car May Need Tyre Rotation And Why Tyres Fail

The use of vehicles involves proper care and maintenance and the tyres are not an exception. You have to rotate your tyres in order to elongate the lifespan or durability of your tyres. This article tells you the signs your tyres need rotation and why tyre fails.

Signs Your Car Tyre Needs Rotation

1) Inaccurate pressure on tyres

Inaccurate tyre pressure is among the major factors causing wear and tear of tyres. Always check the pressure of your tyres and you can do this on a bi-weekly basis.

2) Bad alignment of wheels

When your vehicles do not have an efficient wheel alignment, this tends to reduce the function of the tyres. There are certain causes of misalignment and one of them is bumps and knocks.

This can also affect your vehicle steering and cause tyres to malfunction. Go for a service to fix your wheel alignment and this is one of the signs your car needs rotation.

3) Usingvehicleoffrontwheel

This can add more pressures on the tyres and this is because the entire axles are right on the front. The result of this is the tearing and wearing of tyres.

4) Vibrationofvehicles

When you are driving the vehicle at a speed of up to 45 mph or above, you may notice some vibration. This vibration comes from the uneven wearing of tyres and it is preventable. Note that this is not the only reason why vehicles vibrate but this is the major reason. Go for the rotation, balancing and wheel alignment when you notice this vibration.

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5) Uneven wearing between car tyres

This refers to the wearing of front tyres in a manner that is faster than the rear tyres and check for this. Once you make this observation go and obtain the necessary rotating service for your car tyres.

Nevertheless, irregular wears can also be a sign and this happens when a side has a thread that is smaller than the other.

Good Reasons Why Car Tyres Fails

Tyres fail for various reasons and they are here below:

1) Overinflationoftyres

When tyres undergo over inflation, this weakens them and they become vulnerable to adverse conditions. Over inflation takes place when there is an addition of air without the tyre gauge and this leads to too much air.

2) Overloadingoftyres

Overloading a vehicle is actually a bad way of using a vehicle and this causes tyres to malfunction. This is common with trucks, SUV, vans, and some passenger cars. Vehicles that carry building materials and other related items undergo overloading.

Also, check for the load rating of your vehicle and confirm that they tally.

3) Bad roads

Potholes, debris, and curbs have bad effects on car tyres. Punctures, damages, and cuts are not good for tyres and these make tyres weak.

4) Wearing of tyres

Majority of car tyres undergo wearing and this is as the mileage accumulates. The tyres possess wear bars within the grooves and this normally shows wear. Replace tyres when the thread wears down in such a way that the bars become flush.

It is unsafe and inappropriate to drive tyres with cords across the rubber.

5) Use of old tyres

A tyre gradually hardens, becomes brittle and then loses its elasticity. There is also some deterioration of the reinforcing cords and this reduces the strength. This causes tyre failure to increase and this is as it gets older.

Many experts recommend replacement of tyres and this is once the tyres are up to 6 years.


There are certain signs that your car needs tyre rotation and this article shows these signs. Also, this article tells you why tyres fail. Follow these procedures and operate your car with efficiency. You can share your comments with us.


Top 15 Unbelivable Car Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

There are tons of amazing car facts and history that will leave you shocked for days.
Some might seem natural, and others downright unnatural, but then there’s no doubt
they happened. Read on to know more about the cars you use today.
1. The Inventor of Cruise Control was Blind.
Yeah, you heard that right. Ralph Teetor invented cruise control in 1948, and he was
blind. He had been involved in a shop accident at age 5, but that didn’t stop him from
mingling with sharp objects. As the story goes, he was inspired to build the cruise
control when he would often have rough rides with his lawyer, who slowed down and
sped up as he talked.
2. The fastest time for removing a car engine is 42 seconds!
3. While in Prison, Adolf Hitler Wrote to Mercedes Dealership Begging for a
Hitler was in prison in 1924 and had written to Jakob Ferlin, asking for a loan for his
limo. Jakob was head of a Mercedes dealership in Munich. According to Hitler, he
was ‘expecting some money’. It is not known whether Ferlin obliged him or not.
4. The Average Car Has 30,000 Parts!
5. Computer Scientists in Germany Have Invented a Car That Can Be Steered
By the Power of Thought!
Amazing, right? Who’d have ever thought that a car will be able to move on the mechanics
of the mind? Some German brain scientists have put together a car that works
entirely controlled by the thoughts. It’s not quite on the road yet, but more research
and development is underway to see if it can be used for everyday driving in the near

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6. A car spends 90% of its life parked!
7. Your Favourite New Car Smell Could Actually Be Toxic.
This should be really annoying, but the Ecology Center in the U.S.A. put up a study
which revealed that there are about 275 chemicals found in new car interiors, and
some of the chemicals have been linked to illnesses such as birth defects, and cancer.
8. During a car crash, 40% of drivers never even hit the brakes!
9. In 1865, cars had to be led by a person carrying a red flag.
Quite hilarious. In an Act put up in 1865 – The Locomotive Act of 1865, someone had
to be carrying a red flag about 60 yards ahead of any moving car.
10. 256 is the number of times that you can press an out-of-range car remote key
before it will stop working!
11. Holding a remote car key to your head doubles its range because the human
skull acts as an amplifier!
The next time you can’t remember where you left your car in the parking lot, hold
your car key close to your head and press. The horn from your car will be twice as
12. The Height of the World’s Lowest Street Legal Car is 19 inches!
13. Roundabouts are safer and more efficient than traffic junctions.
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Federal Highway Administration
in the U.S.A, roundabouts reduce collisions by 75 percent, compared to
traffic junctions.
14. It costs £38 – approximately #19,000 – to have your car driven by someone
else in a traffic jam in China. The original driver, you, will be whisked away in a
15. 1 out of 4 cars in the world today are produced in China!
You’ve come to the end of these incredible facts. We hope you had a good time learning!