Cheapest Places to buy cars in Nigeria

You are considering buying a car for yourself and you put your budget in place for you to determine the car price that aligns with your pocket, not expensive cars that will make you break the bank and go bankrupt. When we say “Cheap Cars”, we do not necessarily mean to say that they are used cars or tokunbo cars or cars that are made in Nigeria. The term “Cheap cars” connotes that they are cars which are affordable and price-friendly for any person who wants to get a car for himself or herself.

Cheapest Places to buy cars in Nigeria

People tend to buy cars at one point in their lives, and buying a car comes in place when somebody has taken it as a responsibility, desire or goal upon himself to get one. Getting a cheap car is not all that counts but getting an affordable car that aligns with your financial power comes into play when you have planned and make preparations for it. It is necessary that before buying a car, you should have made a critical research and conclude on your preparations before negotiating for a car. This article will give you a detailed guide on where to get cheap cars in Nigeria along with some tips which you should follow before making payment for any cheap car.

Where To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria

  1. ChekiNG: is rated as the number one car website in Nigeria. ChekiNG is a cheap place to consider buying cheap cars in Nigeria as they sell both used and new fast on their website. Asides this, Cheki serves as an auto classified ads website which has a platform whereby car owners can advertise their cars and get approaches and orders from buyers who are interested in buying the product.
  2. Nairaland Autos: Nairaland is a popular online forum in Nigeria, designed by a programmer names Oluwaseun Osewa. Nairaland has so many categories and section in its forum, one of such forum is the “Auto” section which the dominant and most-talked about topic is centered on cars, automobiles, and vehicles. You can get cheap cars on Nairaland auto page because used cars, tokunbo cars, and second-hand cars are advertised on the page. See
  3. Jumia: Jumia is not a new name in the online directory in Nigeria. Jumia serves as an e-commerce or an online digital store that sells different products, gadgets, items, and commodities. Jumia has a free classified ad website which was designed for the purpose of buying and selling anything ranging from electronics, technological devices, farming tools, and equipment and even automobiles and vehicles. You can get cheap cars on Jumia via as you can find a cheap car has been posted on the website.
  4. Auctionexport: Nigerians can buy cheap cars on Instead of going through a difficult and herculean process of the customs paperwork and paying the bills of the middlemen, you can buy from and import your car yourself from the States of America and have it right here in Nigeria.
  5. is an auto dealer domiciled in the Lagos state of Nigeria. They sell different models and brands of cars which include Lexus, Land Rover, KIA, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi,Infiniti, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Nissan etc. They maintain good prices for cars and they are a worthy try for Nigerians to buy cheap cars for themselves.
  6. This is an online medium by which people can buy cars in Nigeria. is a car trading website by which car owners and car sellers sell their cars. You can get your preferred cars at cheap prices on
  7. Cotonou: Cotonou is a commercial place which is known for business activities in West Africa. Cotonou serves as the economic center of Benin Republic, they share terrestrial boundaries and borders with Lagos state. Most people prefer buying cars from Cotonou than buying used cars in Nigeria because buying from Cotonou is a cheaper option. The reason for this is that it is easy to clear a vehicle in Cotonou than clearing an imported vehicle at the Lagos Port. Although Cotonou is not in Nigeria, they remain a good option to buy used cars and new cars at a pocket-friendly rate.
  8. Berger (Apapa) Auto Market: The Apapa Berger auto market is the largest market in Nigeria for the purchase of used cars. At the Berget auto market, you can find tokunbo cars to buy in Nigeria at cheap prices.
  9. Local Car Stands: You can also get cheap cars to buy in Nigeria at local markets, garages, and stands. However, you may have limited choices at local car stands and the prices can be inflated a bit because most local car dealers are resellers who buy from the Berger auto market.

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Recommended Tips Before Buying Any Cheap Vehicle

  1. Know Your Needs

Firstly, you should have reasons on why you want a car for yourself. Are you after looking for a car that will carry a family of 5? A strong car that can stand the rough texture of the Nigerian roads? A car with a good sound system? Knowing your needs comes into play because you need to have a choice for yourself.

  1. Beware Of Fraudsters

Beware of scammers and thieves which may attract you with prices which are too cheap. Most times, you see advertisement captions such as “2010 Toyota Car of N1,000,000 for sale”. These captions can be misleading and if you are gullible, you will fall into the trap of thieves.

  1. Make Good Research

You should make a good research before you buy a car in Nigeria. You should meet people who are experienced in the auto field and get a hint before hitting the road to buy any car.

  1. Hit The Market

Never be scared of going to car garages and stores to keep yourself updated with the latest car prices in the market.

  1. Have A Budget

You should have a budget before buying a car in Nigeria. Apart from having a budget, you should have a knowledge of the selected car which you intend on buying. Budgeting involves planning and making the necessary preparations which have to be made before you purchase your dream car.

  1. Don’t Rush Into Buying

Take your time to make negotiations and don’t rush into paying for cars because you have got enough money with you. You should inspect the car before buying.


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