How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Long Distance Journeys

A trip of a minimum time of 8 hours can prove to be a serious test for your car. Nothing could be even worse on the highway than to have your car break down on the road when you have more miles to cover for you to reach your destination. When making vacations or planning to go on a trip with your vehicle, certain checks and preparations have to be made to ensure that the vehicle is in perfect shape for the trip.

In this article, you will learn how to prepare your vehicle for long distance journeys. Read on.


  1. Keep a check on the brakes of the car. If you hear harsh grinding sounds, the meaning of such message is that the brake pads are worn out and should be replaced.
  2. Make sure that fluids such as brake fluid, engine oil, and antifreeze are topped up before hitting the road. The engine oil should be the first place that should be checked. A lot of cars are running on the roads with low engine oil. You should change the engine oil if you notice that it appears too black. Also, if you notice that the car drains and consumes a large amount of oil more than what it consumes, you should consider taking some spare engine oil with you on your trip.
  3. Before embarking on any long distance trip, ensure that your car tyres are in a good condition. The recommended pressure is found in the car manufacturer’s manual. You can detect an indication that your car tyres are not balanced when you feel a vibration whenever you are driving at a high speed. It is recommended that you take spare tyres along with you on your trip in case you have a punctured tyre while driving on the highway.
  4. Make sure that your lights are checked before embarking on your trip. Even if you are traveling by day, it is important that your light bulbs are working In case you get to your destination by night.
  5. You can consider changing the air filter of your car before embarking on any journey that will take long hours to get to your destination. If you are not a professional or if you don’t have experience in changing the air filters of a vehicle, we recommend that you use your car manual or you consult a mechanic or a person who is knowledgeable in that field.
  6. Replace the wipers of the car if you discover that the wipers don’t clean the windshield the way it should.
  7. The fact that your car battery has been serving you for a long time doesn’t mean that it will also carry you through a trip that can take a duration of more than eight hours. There is no way to detect when a battery will die or stop working because it can stop at any time. However, the expected lifespan of a new battery starts for 3 years; it is expected that they should last for a period of 6 years. You should consider changing the battery of your car if you notice any cracks, acid leaks or damages.
  8. Take along the spare keys of your car and the manual in case of any glitches or events which may arise in the course of the journey.
  9. We recommend that you check your car engine before embarking on your trip. You may be in a serious situation on the road if your car engine knocks down because you may get robbed or stay stranded on the road. Fix your engine problems before you go on your trip.
  10. Lastly, we recommend that you have your car scrutinized and examined by mechanics and engineers at any good car garage around you.

Best 10 Ways To Protect Your Car Interior

The majority often wash their cars often and this is on a regular basis. The interior of your car requires effective protection and maintenance. This article tells you 10 ways to protect your car interior.

Best 10 Ways To Protect Your Car Interior

10 Steps To Protect The Interior Of Your Car

1) Utilize old shirts and avoid abrasive clothing

Often when you may get a spill on seats and then you clean it with something around. These things leave certain marks and scratches on the seats. Use softer items and these should be less abrasive like old t-shirts.

2) Prevent entrance of sunlight

This is a tip for preserving the seat of your car and it makes it more durable. Sunlight tends to cause certain damage to the interior of your car and crack seats. Get a good sunblock and use it in the interior of your car.

3) Cracking of windows

Cracking of windows is a tip and it reduces the excessive temperature. This tip prevents the fading of leather seats and maintains a low temperature.

4) Use of leather conditioners

Car seats that consist of leather are durable and this is when you apply leather conditioners. When you apply these conditioners they make them clean and new. Apply it first by using a small quantity in a towel and then wipe off the seats. This develops a wet film and lets the conditioners undergo soaking.

5) Obtain car safe drinks and foods

When eating and drinking takes place in your car, this may make your car interior untidy. You can prefer foods that are easily cleanable and prevent the ones that are sticky. Purchase drinks or products that have less tendency to spill. Avoid things like yogurt and related types of food.

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6) Purchase flour mats of rubber

Flour or plastic mats help to keep your car interior tidy. It prevents dirt, mud, and drinks from staining your car flour.

7) Utilize towels

This applies to families with little children and you can simply use a towel in place of children’s seat. It also functions as a cover from crumbs of food and wetness.

8) Remove the trash

Clean and remove liquid and trash and this prevents car damages. Remove debris and other unnecessary items.

9) Use of vacuum

Vacuuming your car enables the removal of crumbs or dirt. This measure helps to keep your car interior clean and dry. It also keeps other food and candies that tends to melt away from your foods.

10) Utilize seat covers

It is not only the carpet that requires protection for debris and dirt. This applies to cars where little children and kids do play outside with dirty shoes. You tell not to match seats and also use appropriate seat covers. The use of seat covers keeps your car clean and tidy.


Certain tips help to protect your car interior and keep it durable. This article gives you 10 tips for protecting your car interior. You can share your comments with us.