13 Trusted Ways to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Your car may be one of your best assets, or it may not. Either way, it tells a lot about you. With a passing glance at your vehicle, one can give a wild guess about you. And it’s not just about the cost of the car, but about the care you give it. As they say, be good to your car and it will be good for you. (Okay I just made up the saying). This list below will give you a heads up on how to handle your car and make the most out of it.


Everywhere you go, the mantra will be the same: Engine oil is the lifeblood of your car. If you want to have a noiseless and smooth journey, you’d do well to check your engine oil every 5000km. What to do is simple: change it. Having the same engine oil in your car like forever, or failing to top up new engine oil are two sides of the same coin. They can be really bad news for your car.

2. Windows, Mirrors, and Light
You don’t want your windows looking like a long-forgotten toy, or your mirrors showing you dusty images of the roads, or your lights getting you in trouble with the police? Then take care of it regularly. Clean it out. If you need to call someone to change the lights in the car, do so because, in the long run, you’ll be saving yourself a whole load of expense.

3. Keep the Car Interior as good as New

Your car interior is gravely important, and for various reasons. One, it’s like your on-the-go home; it takes you and your family wherever, whenever! Two, peradventure you decided to sell off the car, anyone looking to buy it would naturally be more concerned about the comfortability of the car – its interior, rather than the tires. Fix your car air conditioners, for example. Let the CD player be in good order. Let the car be in good cleaned-up condition at all times. You’ll thank yourself later.

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4. Periodically examine and replace your brakes, belts, and battery

What’s the difference between all those cars that buckle up after a couple of years, and the ones that hang on for much longer, ever on the road? You got it right. Maintenance! You can’t just leave things to chance and assume the parts will take care of themselves. Brakes can fail, and that’s a disastrous situation you don’t ever want to be in, so do well to change it occasionally, and also change your seat belts as they wear out. Your car battery will naturally get old and weary, and you should check constantly to know when to change it.

5. Always use mechanics you trust
This piece of advice is priceless. Why? Well, because you don’t want to pay for a little repair for your car only to find out that you instead bought a bigger problem for your car. Have a trusted mechanic who knows the mechanics of your car, and who won’t cheat you out of your money.

6. Leave Factory Settings
Toying with the factory settings of your car can leave you with a much bigger worry than you envisaged. It’s best to not tamper. If you eventually wanted to sell your car, you’d discover that the further away your car is from the expected, the less they’d be willing to pay. And if you’re doing trying to change stuff without carefully going through your manual, you might be causing more damage than repair.

7. Wash and care for your car’s exterior

Apparently, this goes without saying. If you want your car to last long, you have to take good care of it. Wash it every other day. Keep the windows glittering. Keeping the body of the car clean will also ensure the paint stays in place longer.

8. Grease moving parts

This is pretty important. Every part in the car that moves needs to oiled occasionally. Ball joints, spark plugs and all. Also, try to change out transmission and differential oils frequently.

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9. Apply wax periodically, and be sure to park in a shade!
There’s nothing that preserves Car paint more than a regular application. It gives your car a nice-to-touch look and an extra layer of protection! Park in a shade. Weather conditions can easily affect the outlook of your car, so if for instance, you have to go on a long journey without your car, be sure to cover it, and park the car in a shade.

10. Replace worn-out tires and rims.

Tires go through a lot of stress, and occasionally they need changing. Your car’s performance depends greatly on the condition of your tires. Whether your car will weather the storms on the road depends on the strength of your tires.

11. Occasionally check the alignment of your tire wheels

After kilometers of being on the move, the alignment of the wheels goes out of place. This can cause your car to move right or left on the road when you’re trying to steer center. Replacing the alignment of the wheels is paramount to having a normal ride.

12. Regular servicing and fluid replacement

Goes without saying. There are several fluids you use in your car, and you should clean out and replace them occasionally.

13. Know your car’s capacity – and stick to it

It’s bad to overload your car. Before you set out on a journey, perhaps a long one, be sure to check for your car’s carrying capacity. Carrying more luggage than your car can take can spell doom for your journey.

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