Signs Your Car May Need Tyre Rotation And Why Tyres Fail

The use of vehicles involves proper care and maintenance and the tyres are not an exception. You have to rotate your tyres in order to elongate the lifespan or durability of your tyres. This article tells you the signs your tyres need rotation and why tyre fails.

Signs Your Car Tyre Needs Rotation

1) Inaccurate pressure on tyres

Inaccurate tyre pressure is among the major factors causing wear and tear of tyres. Always check the pressure of your tyres and you can do this on a bi-weekly basis.

2) Bad alignment of wheels

When your vehicles do not have an efficient wheel alignment, this tends to reduce the function of the tyres. There are certain causes of misalignment and one of them is bumps and knocks.

This can also affect your vehicle steering and cause tyres to malfunction. Go for a service to fix your wheel alignment and this is one of the signs your car needs rotation.

3) Usingvehicleoffrontwheel

This can add more pressures on the tyres and this is because the entire axles are right on the front. The result of this is the tearing and wearing of tyres.

4) Vibrationofvehicles

When you are driving the vehicle at a speed of up to 45 mph or above, you may notice some vibration. This vibration comes from the uneven wearing of tyres and it is preventable. Note that this is not the only reason why vehicles vibrate but this is the major reason. Go for the rotation, balancing and wheel alignment when you notice this vibration.

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5) Uneven wearing between car tyres

This refers to the wearing of front tyres in a manner that is faster than the rear tyres and check for this. Once you make this observation go and obtain the necessary rotating service for your car tyres.

Nevertheless, irregular wears can also be a sign and this happens when a side has a thread that is smaller than the other.

Good Reasons Why Car Tyres Fails

Tyres fail for various reasons and they are here below:

1) Overinflationoftyres

When tyres undergo over inflation, this weakens them and they become vulnerable to adverse conditions. Over inflation takes place when there is an addition of air without the tyre gauge and this leads to too much air.

2) Overloadingoftyres

Overloading a vehicle is actually a bad way of using a vehicle and this causes tyres to malfunction. This is common with trucks, SUV, vans, and some passenger cars. Vehicles that carry building materials and other related items undergo overloading.

Also, check for the load rating of your vehicle and confirm that they tally.

3) Bad roads

Potholes, debris, and curbs have bad effects on car tyres. Punctures, damages, and cuts are not good for tyres and these make tyres weak.

4) Wearing of tyres

Majority of car tyres undergo wearing and this is as the mileage accumulates. The tyres possess wear bars within the grooves and this normally shows wear. Replace tyres when the thread wears down in such a way that the bars become flush.

It is unsafe and inappropriate to drive tyres with cords across the rubber.

5) Use of old tyres

A tyre gradually hardens, becomes brittle and then loses its elasticity. There is also some deterioration of the reinforcing cords and this reduces the strength. This causes tyre failure to increase and this is as it gets older.

Many experts recommend replacement of tyres and this is once the tyres are up to 6 years.


There are certain signs that your car needs tyre rotation and this article shows these signs. Also, this article tells you why tyres fail. Follow these procedures and operate your car with efficiency. You can share your comments with us.


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