How To Secure Your Vehicle From Theft

Every car owner is expected to be vigilant and watchful of his vehicle because it can be stolen by thieves and robbers.

A lot of car owners are careless with their vehicles, some car owners forget to lock their cars at an open and public location, and most times, vehicles are parked at locations that make them exposed to thieves.

In 2017, a survey was conducted on it was revealed that the percentage of car thefts in the UK has risen to 30% as 85,000 car thefts took place in that year.

It is estimated that 4 billion cars are being stolen by thieves in the United States alone, only 15% of those cars stolen are recovered. New methods and ways are being planned and made by thieves and robbers every day to steal targetted vehicles.

Right now, it doesn’t count if you drive an outdated car or an old one; If you don’t know how to protect your car from the sight of thieves, you are indirectly inviting robbers to come for your car.

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12 Ways To Secure Your Vehicle From Theft

  1. Ensure that your cars are packed close to your apartment or place of work. That will make you keep an eye on the car and also give you the advantage of getting hold of anybody who attempts to steal your car in a short space of time.
  2. Avoid leaving valuable documents in your vehicle. Valuable items such as pieces of jewelry, money and important documents can be the main target of thieves. Your vehicle may not be the target of the robber; If you are found of keeping valuables in your car, you can hide the valuables in a place that will not be seen by passersby.
  3. Get a car alarm for your vehicle. Thieves love it when their activities are carried out smoothly without notice. If you install a car alarm in your vehicle, it will bring fear upon the hearts of any robber that attempts to steal your vehicle whenever the alarm sounds and cause attraction.
  4. We recommend that you get a steel lock for your vehicle. The steel lock prevents your car from being driven by thieves.
  5. It is advisable that you get a brake lock if you want to prevent any thief from suppressing your brakes.
  6. Be mindful of where you park your cars. Before parking your car in any place, we advise that you look around the area and the surroundings. This can give you a clue if the area is a quiet one, a busy one or a rough one.
  7. Car trackers is a device that uses a GPS technology to trace and recover your car whenever it is stolen. Tracking devices help in vehicle recovery because a lot of tracking companies can disable a car if they discover that the car has been stolen.
  8. Ensure that your windscreen is not cracked or broken. If they are, the vehicle can be easily stolen by thieves.
  9. Make sure that your car keys are not kept in places that will be seen or accessed by strangers.
  10. It is advisable that you keep your vehicles locked at all times, even when you are driving. Most vehicles are being stolen by thieves who pretend and disguise to be hawkers or beggars on the roads.
  11. Be vigilant whenever you are driving in the dark hours of the night. Be cautious and don’t offer to give strangers a lift. You should visit the nearest police station if you noticed that a certain car is following you at every route you take.
  12. Lastly, we advise that you employ car safety tips like keeping your side mirrors on a check when driving.

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