Hidden Features You Don’t Know About Your Car

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Buying and owning a car is not enough, you as a car owner is expected to know the special feature(s) that the manufacturer has hidden from you. Below are a few of the hidden features you don’t know about your car.


Although this particular feature does not come in EVERY car most of the cars do have this as an option. Check the areas around your steering wheel for your cruise control buttons. Cruise control stabilizes your car on one speed so that those cars coming behind you don’t have to speed up and slow down when your foot cannot keep the gas pedal in the same place for a duration of more than two seconds.


This very feature comes in every car but the question is does every car user know how to use it. Poor use of the brakes is due to either misinformation or. The proper way to use your breaks is a slow and steady stop.

While you may think that you are supposed to places your feet on the break as suddenly as possible and check how sharp your break is when a car is directly in front of you. This this is not the correct method for break usage. Don’t suddenly take a break, it may affect you someday as cars have their ways of disappointing the user.

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Have you ever wondered how long it’s gonna take for the traffic light to let you GO?  Audi’s got a solution for you. But this special feature doesn’t sound like the best idea. If you know how long you have until the light turns green, you might get carried away by something that’s not worth it especially with your phone. Either way, Audi’s Traffic Light Information technology is a thing and it is going to be offered in selected cities.


This hidden feature isn’t new, it has been offered for decades. Foot massagers qualify as an eccentric automotive innovation. This special feature can only be seen in the long-wheelbase Audi A8, which is basically an understated limo for low-profile captains of industry. As part of its back seat comfort package, Audi calls this a “rear relaxation seat with power footrest”, both of which are also heated. Note that only one relaxation seat is offered per vehicle, so couples’ messages are not possible for now.


Many manufacturers such Volkswagen and Skoda have introduced the side parking light in some of their models. In case you happen to park your car on a dark road and want to make it visible, just activate your parking lights. Activate them by turning the relevant indicator on, switching your car off as usual and then locking your car. With these, the light will be on one side of the car making it visible for other road users to see.

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To know more about hidden features your car has, make sure you carry out systematic research on the car and you would be able to know all that it has.

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