15 Safety Tips For Highway Users, Drivers, Passengers And Pedestrians

15 Safety Tips For Highway Users, Drivers, Passengers And Pedestrians

If you are a driver, highway user, pedestrian or passenger, these tips will help you be on a safe track. This article tells you 15 tips that will help your safety. Safety is the first thing whether you are a highway user or driver.

1) Be On Alert

Pay attention to your movement and the movement of drivers that are around. Whether you are a driver, pedestrian or passenger etc you have to be at an alert.

2) Avoid assumptions that are wrong

It is wrong to assume that a driver or pedestrian etc will do one particular thing. Do not assume this since you don’t have enough evidence.

3) Utilize signals for turning

In as much as you don’t depend on signals, you can influence the expectations through the action you take. Utilize signals whether you are turning or changing lane.

4) Wear your seatbelt

Whether you are a driver or passenger put on your seat belt. This is a safety tip and a precaution.

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5) Observe yellow lights

Take note that yellow lights tell drivers to lower their speed and get ready to stop. Rushing is not applicable and always use yellow lights.

6) Use signals of traffic

Pay attention in a close manner and follow the traffic signs and light.

7) Note stop zones

Pedestrians, passengers and drivers should note stop zones. Highway users too should take care of this and it is one of the safety precautions.

8) Avoid texting and driving at the same time

Passengers may do this but pedestrians, highway users and drivers should avoid texting messages.

9) Utilize speed limits

Use the speed limits and avoid excessive speed. Speed limits help for both the safety of the driver, pedestrian and others.

10) Adjust for weather

If the weather is snowy, foggy or rainy utilize certain precautions and adjust for the weather.

11) Avoid too much alcohol and drugs

High alcoholic content and drugs have some bad effects on the road user. Avoid this as a safety tip.

12) Use your headlights

Headlights are not just for the night but also for the fog or rain. Use your headlights when necessary.

13) Maintain your vehicle

Keep the vehicle in order and do some routine maintenance for your vehicle. Do not operate a vehicle if it is not in order.

14) Avoid distractions

When moving on the road whether a pedestrian or driver, highway user etc avoid distractions.

15) Take extra precautions for crossings and roundabouts

Roundabouts, road intersections, and cross lanes all require some extra precaution whether you are pedestrian, driver etc.


Moving along the road involves some precautions and safety tips whether you are a pedestrian, highway user or driver etc. This article tells you 15 safety tips to observe. You can comment on your questions.


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